Max Sensors




  • IMPROVED SIGNAL STRENGTH - Amplified antenna strength doubles the signal output on our sensors. This makes it easier and faster to read & program sensors through tires of all sizes and thickness

    • Wirelessly reads & programs sensors through tires up to 40” in diameter

    • Wirelessly reads & programs sensors through tires up to a 12-ply F-rating. F-rated tires are an issue for both OEM and aftermarket TPMS. MAX GEN2 signal strength exceeds OEM

  • IMPROVED SIZE – This is the smallest sensor we’ve ever made - 40% smaller

  • IMPROVED WEIGHT – This is the lightest sensor we’ve ever made - 80% lighter

  • IMPROVED VEHICLE COVERAGE – We have more coverage than ever before - 98.5%

  • IMPROVED PROGRAMMING TIME - GEN2 Sensors program up to 3x faster

  • IMPROVED CONSISTENCY & RELIABILITY – GEN2 sensors are the most reliable sensors we’ve ever made




  • Single SKU with 99% Vehicle Coverage

  • Built to perform like O.E sensors, in terms of signal interval, durability & functionality.

  • Automotive battery grade to meet most severe weather conditions.

  • Supports high pressure applications

  • Precision crafted air valve to prevent air pressure leakage.

  • Anodized stem valve for corrosion resistance.

  • 0-40 degree adjustable stem valve to fit all types of wheels.

  • Fast & simple assembly onto any aluminum & steel wheels.

  • 5 year limited warranty. Best in Class.

  • Dual Axis G-Sensor Technology for fast programming and foolproof.

  • SAE J2657 compliant and readable and triggered by other diagnostic tools

  • Independent lab tested for performance and durability

  • 6 Day a week US and Canada based multi-lingual tech support



programming & DIAGNOStic tool

MAX Sensor programming & diagnostic features:

  • It can scan and diagnose all workable sensors regardless of sensor brands.

  • Able to acquire data from workable sensors, including sensor ID, tire pressure & temperature.

  • Rapid speed in blank sensor programming.

  • Options to perform manual programming with original’s sensor ID to avoid manual-relearn and/or OBD2 relearn procedure.

  • Software update is available via internet/CD-ROM/USB port.

  • Rechargeable battery .

  • English, Spanish & French language support.